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If you – and your team – are ready to upgrade your NGO’s advocacy basics, then get started with the comprehensive 35 lesson online training program: “The Advocacy Algorithm.”

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Strengthening NGOs Improves The Health Of Societies 

NGOs are invaluable to development, the work of strengthening democracy and building social capacities worldwide. NGOs with a mandate to work with the UN and its family of organizations have the additional need to develop the know-how and to build effective networks of relationships.

To this end, the NGO Academy provides some of the training needed to speed the process of leaning how to be more effective partners with the UN.

Knowing very well through our own experience since mid 1990′s that the capacity of each NGO’s team of staff, interns and volunteers directly impacts the NGO’s ability to fulfill it’s mission, the NGO Academy has taken up the mission of providing some of the training needed by NGOs working in consultative status with the UN—and those interested in preparing to do so in the future.

Our project has been to put together core materials NGO representatives need to know about the UN and about working in intergovernmental environments into an online training program we have called the Advocacy Algorithm.

For now, do take a look at the free express course, the resources as well as consider working through the intensive. Even those who have spent many years at the UN have commented that the Advocacy Algorithm is comprehensive—beyond their expectation, and that they “learned a lot.”

And it really is extremely affordable! NGO staff and volunteers who are already “giving their all” deserve access to top resources at very reasonable prices.

Don’t forget, we like to hear from you: what you like, what more you would like to know about, what you cannot find elsewhere and would find useful.

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